Overview of the course

New technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, whether developing the use of hydrogen as a fuel, improvements to touchscreen devices, or tackling Covid-19, and chemists are at the forefront of these developments. Chemistry at AS develops our knowledge and understanding of topics such as the atom, calculations, bonding and structure and the Periodic Table. We look at chemical reactions and energy changes in greater depth, and begin to survey the chemistry of carbon compounds. We then build on these basic concepts in Year 13. Practical work is an intrinsic part of chemistry, so there is an increased emphasis on a practical approach.


Chemistry is a requirement for most medical and veterinary courses at university. If you are considering studying biological sciences you will find that Chemistry helps with the biochemical aspects of your course. Careers include pharmacist, forensic science, biochemist, chemical engineer, food scientist, analyst, research chemist, law.

Key info

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  Qualification: A Level

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